30 Products That You didn't Knew You want

Illuminated population globe. Lights up generally populated areas as we would see it from space

Blob seal pillow
These cups that look like cat paws

I don't even own a baby

Van Cleef and Arpels Midnight Planétarium watch. Each jewel represents a planet and moves at its respected pace. Earth takes 365 days to go around, Jupiter takes 11.9 years and so on

I wish that’s how all poke balls were — you can see the Pok√©mon inside chilling out, relaxing, sleeping, etc.
They can’t see you though.

I'm not even a cat person, but still want it!

Baby Yoda

Knewkey Rocksete an old school mechanical keyboard with bluetooth and JBL speaker

Of course your cat needs armor

cute dumpster fires

This is a tower for rolling dice

Monsters inc portable chargers

 Custom made ice-cream

Yes you might be creepy but at least you're confortable af

These slippers made for hiding your footsteps

This dish rack

Microfibre windshield cleaner for cold weather

soy sauce dish

This doormat warning people of my dogs

Freezer mold that makes actual ice bongs

Spartan knife holder